Saturday, 22 August 2009

Country walks in Tunbridge Wells

The Fairground Bunny House

When our house is suddenly very quiet it is often because Annabel is either being secretly naughty (and is very quiet so she doesn't get caught!) doing things like drawing over freshly painted walls, eating a whole packet of chocolate biscuits she has found but sometimes on the rare occassion she's just so engrossed in her imaginary play...this was one of those moments and I was lucky enough to have the camera close by to get a sweet photo of her quietly playing with the fairground's bunny house.

The Fairground Bunny House which comes with a family of four rabbits has been a huge hit with my daughter. They will soon be available for sale through the well regarded website,

Hollyhocks and roses

I love the colour of these hollyhocks and roses in the garden.

The Fairground Garden Workshop

A novice to blogging

So far so good! Set up my new blog in a couple of minutes through Google. I guess that's the easy bit! Now just have to figure the rest out!

Kids have just had their breakfast and are now dancing around to Johnny Cash! For some reason my 4 year daughter, Annabel loves his music...what can I say she's got good taste! It's a beautiful day so will be heading out for a nice long family walk. Must make the most of these last few summer days. Can feel a slight change in the morning air with autumn fast approaching.

Just checked the time and it's only 9:15am AND we've been up for 2.5 hours AND it's a Saturday!! Weekend lie ins are a sweet distant memory...