Sunday, 1 November 2009

First Market Stall on The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells

The Fairground had it's first market stall at The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells! Friday evening was spent getting The Fairground's lovely toys, bunting, cushions and Pyjamas ready to display at the market. Woke up bright and early excited about the day ahead only to open the curtains and see the unfortunate rain!! All week we've had lovely sunny weather...why does it have to rain today?!! As the market is outdoors we all depend on the weather for it's success. Luckily the rain did stop and the day turned out to be enjoyable. Annabel and Oliver came over and 'helped' out for a little bit! In the photo of Oliver and I behind the stall you will also spot Annabel peeking out near the cushion! I added a close up too of Annabel helping out.

Again The Fairground's bunny house was the best seller! Besides the pink Gingham bunny house and the polka dot toadstool one we now also stock a blue bunny house due to several people requesting one for the boys! Bunting and children's pyjamas sold well too.

Market finished at 5pm then rushed home and got kids dressed up for Halloween and had a great time treat or treating around our neighbourhood before heading back to our friends house for a party. This was Oliver's first year trick or treating and he got the hang of it pretty quick! knock on a door and get sweeties handed to you....must have thought he was dreaming!

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