Wednesday, 13 January 2010


It's been a busy month with the lead up to Christmas. Did very well selling through notonthehighstreet and actually sold out of the bunny houses a couple of weeks before Christmas! Must make note to have plenty in stock for xmas 2010!! It's been an interesting first Christmas in retail for me and realising how much businesses depend on their Christmas sales.

Even though xmas seems ages ago we are still in the midst of a winter wonderland. Looks so beautiful but makes getting out of the house with 2 young children quite a task...hats, gloves, wellies, scarfs...Looking forward to the summer already. I know it's a long wait though :(

In the next couple of weeks I should hopefully have my own website up and running at It's been a work in progress for a couple of months so am looking forward to it's launch!

Well, here's wishing everyone a very happy and fulfilling 2010! xx

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